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I am a young aspiring photographer and orienteer. I compete at national level in orienteering for the NSW Stingers. I have represened NSW 3 times (and once as a reserve team member) at the Australian Schools Championships. NSW Team Results include:

This Site:

This site was created as a learning experience and to help my understanding of HTML and CSS. I started to learn HTML and CSS using codecademy, a site dedicated to the teaching of coding and website construction for free. I have also drawn on information that can be found via various web searches. Websites such as MDN (Mozilla Developers Network), a website made by the Mozilla foundation to explain different aspects of coding etc, especially HTML and CSS, and Stack Overflow, a forum-style website about programing and coding, were useful in the development of this website. It uses jekyll to create templates for each page and is hosted with GitHub Pages. I am also active on a site called Photography - Stack Exchange


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